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Everything you need to launch a successful career with Legacy Compliance Solutions is located in this JV Partner Portal😊👌

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As an LCS Affiliate, You Can Earn Great Money Promoting Our ADA Compliance Service! 

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    We truly are Joint Venture Partners with our affiliates. Your success is OUR success! Which is why we're providing you with an abundance of promotional tools to help you succeed👌

    We're also going to provide you with exceptional affiliate training! In fact, we'll be giving you several excellent Affiliate Training Courses that will teach you how to build a six-figure affiliate income😉

    Suffice it to say that we're providing you with all the training and resources you need to be a successful Legacy Compliance Affiliate.

    Additional Affiliate Resources

    Below you will find some additional resources to help you grow your business!

    LCS Affiliate Training Manual

    Click the link below to access the LCS Affiliate Training Manual. You'll be able to download the training manual to your computer.

    LCS Affiliate Training Manual

    Social Media Graphics!

    Access Our Graphics Library

    We have a tremendous library of promotional graphics. These are eye-catching, attention-grabbing graphics that will help you promote your ADA Compliance business. Simply download the graphics and start posting all over social media.


    Private Facebook Community

    Join our PRIVATE Facebook Group! You'll be able to get timely updates about our service and other important notifications. Additionally, you'll be able to ask questions of our community. Click the button below to join our Facebook Group. Please Note: it typically takes 24-48 hours to be granted access. Make sure you keep ALL posts positive👍


    LCS Affiliate Video Library

    Click the link below to access your LCS Affiliate Video Library. Here's is where you'll find Affiliate Video Tutorials. Enjoy!

    LCS Affiliate Video Library


    One of the most useful and important sales tools in your arsenal is the FREE Website Audit we can do for your prospects. This audit will show your prospects whether their website is web accessible {compliant}. Once completed, you can share the results of the audit with your prospect. And this is when you'll close the sale. 


    More Affiliate Sales Tools!

    We're not kidding when we say that we support our affiliates! Click the button below to access more amazing affiliate sales tools. Once you download these tools/resources, simply personalize them with your own LCS affiliate links and your contact information. And you're good to go😊👌 

    More Affiliate Sales Tools

    Get Started Fast And Start Profiting Even Today

    Fortune Favors the Brave & those that TAKE ACTION!

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    Get Started

    Spend some time in this JV Portal to get familiar with the many affiliate tools and resources you now have access to. 

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    Use the many promotional tools & resources we've created for our affiliates and start promoting our amazing ADA compliance service👍

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    Get Paid

    Make sure you complete the IRS w9 form. We cannot issue any commissions without your completed form.

    • LCS Affiliates earn a 50% commission rate.

    • We calculate affiliate commission after payment processing fees have been deducted {typical processing fees are 4%-6%}

    • Affiliates are treated as 1099 independent contractors.

    • Affiliates are typically paid 48-72 hours after client’s payment has been received.

    • All LCS Affiliates are required to accept our Affiliate Terms & Conditions to be eligible to receive commissions.

    • Affiliates must submit a completed IRS w9 form prior to receiving any commissions.

    Below is an Income Calculator designed to give you an idea of the commissions you could earn as an LCS Affiliate.

    Please Note: This income calculator is NOT a guarantee of income. We simply want to give you an idea of what you would earn based on our compensation plan for the shown production.

    We are using $485 as the average commission in this income calculator. Please Note: Your actual commission per sale might be slightly more or less, since we calculate commissions on net earnings; after payment processing fees are deducted {processing fees are typically 4%-6%}.

    Affiliate Terms and Conditions

    Legacy Compliance Solutions has an amazing affiliate program! All LCS customers can participate in our affiliate program at no additional cost. Our affiliate program gives our customers an opportunity to earn affiliate commissions by promoting and selling our amazing ADA Compliance Service.

    As an LCS Affiliate, you will earn 50% commission on any sales you make.

    • Affiliate Commissions pay outs typically occur within 72 hours of receiving client payment

    • We reserve the right to withhold commissions for fraud or anything we deem suspicious.

    Legacy Compliance Solutions customers are NOT required to participate with our Affiliate program. But for those that choose to participate, they must agree to the following Affiliate Terms and Conditions:

    Webinar Mastery Affiliate Terms and Conditions

    • LCS Affiliates must always adhere to FTC guidelines when promoting our products and services.

    • You must agree to our affiliate agreement before promoting.

    Please Note: You must send your fully executed Affiliate Agreement to: [email protected]

    You must not use the following promotional methods or practices (doing so may result in termination from the affiliate program and forfeiture of any outstanding commissions.)

    • Sending spam or using safelists of any kind

    • Offering cash rebates to people who buy through your affiliate link

    • Using promotional materials other than those provided by LCS {unless approved by Legacy Compliance Solutions}

    • Misrepresenting our service or not following applicable endorsement rules and regulations

    • Using cookie stuffing

    • Do not create negative review sites or postings on social media platforms

    • If we receive a chargeback or have to issue a refund after you have been paid, you agree to return the commissions you were paid. Depending on your sales volume, we may add a claw back provision to your account and retain those amounts against your current or future commissions.

    • Do make sales videos that show your earnings. That kind of stuff is not necessary and is in violation of FTC Guidelines.

    Legacy Compliance Solutions Customers are approved for our Affiliate Program upon receipt this fully executed LCS Affiliate Agreement😊

    We reserve the right to revoke your affiliate status for violations of these Affiliate terms and conditions.

    Please Note: Any LCS Customer that has their affiliate status revoked will still maintain all client rights for the ADA Compliance Service they purchased. They simply won’t be able to function as a Legacy Compliance Solutions Affiliate or earn any commissions by selling our ADA Compliance Service.

    Affiliate Best Practices

    We believe that you can achieve great results with our Affiliate program. And we’re providing you with all the tools and resources you need to succeed👍 We feel that your interests as well as ours, will be well served if you adhere to the following Affiliate Best Practices:

    • Be honest at all times. Play fair to other affiliates.

    • Use our promotional tools through normal sharing methods in your influence or with paid advertising, and you will be rewarded greatly.

    • Attend any Affiliate Training Sessions we schedule

    • You should read and study the LCS Affiliate Training Manual. This will give you the conviction that you’re selling an amazing service. More importantly, yuou'll learn how to present our amazing ADA Compliance Service to business owners that despertatley need our service and may not even know it.

    • Stay connected with the LCS Community via our private Facebook Group.  

    • Get started right away. The power of momentum is real! You gain momentum by taking action, preferably massive action.

    In closing, if you think you “might” be crossing the line with something you’re doing, you most likely are. Contact us and ask first. We would really appreciate that.

    Otherwise, if you’re reported to us by customers, other affiliates, or our fraud detection…well, we shoot first and ask questions later. We don’t mess around with shady affiliates. PERIOD! If we find you playing games, we will cancel your affiliate account, disable your links, and put your name, email, and IP address on a permanent BAN list in our system. Bad apples are not welcome. True affiliates…We love you❤❤

    Once you download the Affiliate Agreement & IRS W9 Form, please sign and date each document. Then email your completed documents to: [email protected]