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Don't Risk an Expensive & Potentially Crippling Web Accessibility Lawsuit!

Web Accessibility Lawsuits Are Rising at an Alarming Rate

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Why this Webinar Can Save Your Business from an Expensive & Potentially Crippling Web Accessibility Lawsuit!

Most business owners aren't even aware of the potential legal ramifications of having a website that isn't WCAG & ADA compliant. There were over 11,000 Federal Suits filed in 2021 alone! And it's only getting worse!

Web accessibility has become a serious issue that business owners simply can't afford to ignore any longer.

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    This Webinar Can Save Your Business!

    Why Your Website Needs to be WCAG & ADA Compliant

    Here's Why You Need To Learn About Web Accessibility

    Web accessibility lawsuits are on the rise! Here are a few alarming facts you should know:

  • ADA title III-related lawsuits have skyrocketed!  There were at least 11,452 federal filings in 2021, which is a 320% increase over a short, eight-year period.

  • The U.S. legal environment makes it easy. A person with a disability has nothing to lose by filing a lawsuit since ADA Title III requires the defendant to automatically pay the plaintiff's legal fees.

  • Increased web accessibility awareness. High-profile lawsuits mean that people with disabilities now know they have legal recourse when they can't conduct activities online.

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  • About our Ai Web Accessibility Solution - By leveraging machine learning, we are revolutionizing how websites are made accessible. Our technology enables us to take a scalable approach to web accessibility in a business-friendly way, from auditing and testing to remediation.

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